Quayside Art Gallery

Manuel Rivas


Manuel has loved cameras and the processes of image making since he purchased his first “serious” camera while overseas in the Air Force over 47 years ago. He was a serious amateur for 20 years, a semi-pro for 20 years, and has enjoyed sharing his passion for photography with young people through teaching for the last 9 years before moving to the Pensacola area in 2011. Manuel’s professional experience includes landscape, scenic, wildlife, and commercial photography, and a special talent for photographing people. His work can be seen locally at the Quayside Art Gallery and Geronimo’s Outpost.

Artist’s Statement

My guiding principles for taking good pictures

Take lots of pictures because luck matters.

See the light, use the light, be the light.

Be aware of and open to the beauty in everything.

Expect to be amazed and delighted on each photo outing.

Fall in love with every subject you photograph.