Quayside Art Gallery

Gallery Night

Quayside Art Gallery on Gallery Night PensacolaGallery Night Pensacola & Quayside Art Gallery: A Perfect Pairing

If you’re planning to attend Gallery Night Pensacola, there’s one destination you won’t want to miss: Quayside Art Gallery.

Located just a stone’s throw away from the heart of Gallery Night’s festivities, Quayside offers an enriching experience that aligns seamlessly with the spirit of Gallery Night Pensacola.



Here’s why making a stop at Quayside Art Gallery is a must for every Gallery Night attendee:

Close Proximity: No need for long walks or additional transportation. Quayside Art Gallery is conveniently located near the main Gallery Night events, making it easy for attendees to transition from the bustling streets of Pensacola to the serene ambiance of our gallery.

Extended Hours Just for You: While Quayside is not officially associated with Gallery Night Pensacola, we recognize the importance of this cultural event. To ensure art enthusiasts can fully immerse themselves in the local art scene, Quayside extends its hours during Gallery Night, allowing visitors more time to explore and appreciate the art on display.

Quayside Art Gallery east side on Gallery Night Pensacola

A Shared Mission: Both Gallery Night Pensacola and Quayside Art Gallery are driven by a shared mission: to celebrate and promote local art and culture. Just as Gallery Night brings art to the streets of Pensacola, Quayside showcases the exceptional talent of over 75 local artists, spanning three floors of diverse styles, mediums, and themes.

Diverse Artistic Offerings: Quayside Art Gallery offers a spectrum of original artworks, from oil paintings and watercolors to mixed media, jewelry, ceramics, and woodworking.   We often have artists demonstrations as well!  Whether you’re an experienced art aficionado or someone just beginning to appreciate the beauty of art, you’ll find our gallery a treasure trove of value and artistic brilliance.

Quayside Art Gallery Leland on Gallery Night Pensacola

Experience Beyond the Ordinary: While Gallery Night offers a festive, outdoor experience, Quayside provides an intimate setting where art lovers can engage deeply with individual pieces, learn about the artists, and even take home a piece that resonates with them.

A Commitment to Local Art: Quayside Art Gallery has been celebrating local art in Pensacola for over 50 years. By visiting us during Gallery Night, you’re not just exploring a gallery; you’re becoming part of a longstanding tradition of art appreciation in Pensacola.

While enjoying the vibrant atmosphere of Gallery Night Pensacola, take a moment to step into Quayside Art Gallery. Let the artistry, history, and passion for local art enhance your Gallery Night experience. We look forward to welcoming you!