Quayside Art Gallery



            Liz Warner is a local Pensacola artist best known for her vibrant, fluid acrylic designs.  Her work is uniquely bold, having bright, shimmering pigments that grab your attention, but most intriguing are the small details – tiny areas where you will find delightful cells layered with colors. The finishing touch is a high gloss epoxy resin that brings out the metallic sparkle, adds an illusion of depth, and as a bonus provides long-term protections.  Her work includes stand-alone pieces as well as collaborations with a local woodworker to produce one-of-a-kind charcuterie boards and tables. Her work is displayed in galleries and collectors across the country, currently including Quayside Art Gallery of Pensacola, Florida.

            Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, Liz and her husband, Steve, moved to Pensacola with their 3 children in 2002, completing her BA in Clinical Laboratory Science at the University of West Florida. She is now both a full-time artist and co-owner of Peacock Painting of Pensacola with her husband. Her creativity was a natural gift from her mother and father.  Her mother was a talented, self-taught painter and her father was able to create beauty out of everyday items.  The glory of the natural world has been Liz’s greatest inspiration for her work as an artist.