Quayside Art Gallery


Barbra Allen

Barbara Wein Allen, an acrylic artist, started her creative journey early in life as a professional ballet dancer, choreographer, and teacher. She loved the art of movement to music, especially improvisational dance. She is able to organically create a rhythmic prolific piece of art in real time.

Jumping ahead to the present: Although she is no longer dancing professionally, Barbara has since translated her artistry into the use of acrylic paints on canvas. Each painting begins with an inspiration which she translates into a very distinct choice of colors manipulated into a harmonious and eye-catching work of art. The paintings are an expression of thoughtful choreography through colorful movement across a canvas much like dance, now including vibrant colors, fluidity and thoughtful composition.

Of course, Barbara always has music playing in the background as she paints, inspiring each motion and the change of movement of each color across the “state” of each canvas. She finds great joy in the process and in eventually seeing what she has created. She is a member of Quayside Art Gallery in Pensacola, Florida.