Quayside Art Gallery



From an early age in Japan, music, art, flower arrangement and ceramics interested Takako. She has tried various types of art media throughout her life, but for the past 11 years ceramics has been her passion. She used various types of clay to create everything from animal themed pieces to everyday use tea cups, coffee mugs, vases, bowls, and plates. All of her pottery is handcrafted on her home wheel, allowing them to have their own personality. Most of her ceramic creations are fired using an electric kiln. She has done gas- and wood-fired ceramics as well. Takako gets her inspiration for designs from everyday things such as plants, flowers, and animals. She has been involved in studios located in Pensacola and Navarre, Florida and Fairhope, Alabama, that contributed her growth as an artist. Her mentor, Maria Spies a master ceramicist, gave her inspiration and helped her to develop her own vision and style. She also participates in the annual Gulf Coast Kiln Walk Society and Fairhope Arts Center wood firings, and on occasion gas fires pottery pieces while attending art classes at Pensacola State College. Takako is a member of Quayside Art Gallery in Pensacola.