Michael Whitehead


Michael has lived in Pensacola or Pensacola Beach since the age of 3. He’s been married to Kathy since 1984 and they have 2 adult children. He is a UWF graduate and worked in the rehabilitation field for 36 years until his recent retirement. Surfing is what led Michael to photography. Initially, he photographed friends during their surfing adventures and afterwards they would often gather to have slide-show parties to relive their joy of riding waves. He was inspired by the scenery on these trips to destinations including California, the Hawaiian Islands, Mexico, all around Florida and the Cape Hatteras vicinity of North Carolina. Eventually, his photography interests evolved into capturing moments in nature and wilderness areas. Michael’s passion is planning and experiencing adventures with his family in national parks across the USA. They have explored and hiked in most of the major parks where he photographs scenic landscapes and wildlife during these excursions. “I hope that my photographs encourage and promote an increased desire to protect these natural sanctuaries and wildlife corridors for future generations.” It’s not unusual for Michael to arrive at his photo-op destination well before sunrise to ensure catching that intriguing, special light. His wife, Kathy and children, Christopher and Ginny are ardent lovers of the natural world and its inhabitants and they have shared some wonderful times exploring wild places together. “I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to explore such places and photograph moments from these adventures. I wound up with a treasure trove of images of places that have uplifted me spiritually and provided me with such exquisite memories. With all of the savage things that go on in this world, it’s good to know that there are beautiful creatures and sublime places out there to appreciate and to reflect on what really matters.”