Jaime Shevat

Irmi Presutto



My designs are focused around the idea of happiness and joy. I use my love for local flavors, fashion trends, landmarks, and nature to find my inspiration. I enjoy taking the ordinary and transforming it through dreamy colors, chunky textures, and vivid movements. My style is heavily influenced by Impressionism and Pop Art. 
For Pensacola based artist, Jaime Shevat, passion of color and whimsy began later in life. Growing up, she was fortunate to have two instructors who taught her to be fearless. In her late twenties, she began a career as an instructor at Painting with a Twist. With the help of her mentor, Jenny Muller, Jaime has become a dominating force in the Pensacola art scene, a long standing vendor with Palafox Market and Gallery Night, as well as the 2019 Seafood Festival Poster Contest winner.