An artist working with acrylic paints, Angie prefers impressionistic and abstract styles. Born in a small town in North Carolina, she was discouraged from doing art while growing up, nevertheless managing to win shows in elementary school. As a young adult, Angie worked at 3 different companies painting anything from Christmas ornaments to Nascar brakes. To help in raising her children, she also worked in the financial world. Diagnosed with cancer in 2017, Angie picked up a paint brush and painted until she healed – and well stocked in paintings! She attributes her artistic gifts to her Lord Jesus Christ. 

Angie has one fan that keeps her learning and growing, her husband, Sean. She now lives in Pensacola, Florida, and the journey that has led Angie to this stage of her life has been one of creativity giving birth to the name, Angie’s Art Journey. She is a proud Christian artist with a journey to share with others. Taking steps each day: one stroke of the brush, one step, one prayer at a time, Angie creates what the Creator has gifted her to do. She is hopeful of helping to create happiness in this world with her process.