Laura Wolfersperger

Artist’s statement:  I am very eclectic. I love learning about new ideas, processes and techniques, cultural differences, visual histories and then incorporating them with a little twist into my own works.


Familyhistory: Born at NAS Pensacola to John (Naval pilot) and Louise (musician) and
raised around the world thanks to the military. Two tours in Morocco where we traveled extensively to Europe. Lived in many states around the U.S. till father retired. Lived aboard my sailboat for 13 years. Married to Kim Wolfersperger and have a wonderful daughter, Kay.


Education and occupations: B.A. Studio Art and Art Education; Interdisciplinary M.A. work in Communication Arts, Art History and Psychology.  Art instructor for 30 years in Pensacola public and private schools. Awards: Cox/Bravo Champion of the Arts Award and salutation awards for instructor /student achievements and artistic prize awards. U.S. Naval Intelligence for 8 years. Received awards and medals from U.S. Navy in specialized research.


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