Quayside Art Gallery: Celebrating 50 Years of Local Art in Pensacola, FL

Pensacola Interstate Fair Fine Arts Competition 2023 Winners

Quayside Art Gallery is thrilled to present the highly-anticipated winners of the Pensacola Interstate Fair Fine Arts Competition 2023. This year’s competition brought together a plethora of talented artists, each showcasing their unique vision, technique, and creativity. We’re privileged to have witnessed such extraordinary talent and wish to thank each participant for their contribution.

Best of Show:

Tea Time, by Ashley Deaton


John E. Frenkel Award:

Seaside Serenity- A Mother and Child Stroll, by Nirmal Singh


Awards of Distinction:

1. The Experts by Bob Towson
2. Clementine by Blythe Lane
3. Octo Bowl by Gretchen Paux
4. Geisha at Mt Takao, by Evelyn Espinoza
5. In the Core, by Mary Ann Staples

Awards of Excellence:

1. Seaside Serenity- A Mother and Child Stroll, by Nirmal Singh
2. Trust, by Ukiah Meyers
3. Night at the TT Wentworth, by Liz Warner
4. Release the Quacken, by Jessica Saunders
5. Lend me Your Ear, by Patsy Pennington

Awards of Honor:

1.Three Amigos Sandpipers, by Fuller Brown
2. McCaw Dinner Date, by Lydia Brock
3. Whimsical Duet, by Jessica Saunders
4. Cocktail Waitress, by Stacy Miron
5. Shoebox Heroes, by Dave Persell

Awards of Merit:

1. Cat, by Handi Zhao
2. See ya Later Alligator, by Lydia Brock
3. Focus, by Clara Hanson
4. Kretecek, by Handi Zhao
5. Fall, by Ashley Deaton

Laser Images Award of Distinction:

Weeks Bay at Dusk, by Susan Knowlton


Laser Images Award of Excellence:

Pillar of the Past, by Kelly Lane


Laser Images Award of Honor:

Respecked, by Bill Marquardsen


Judges Awards:

1. Pumpkin Spice, by Caleb Tyndall
2. LuLoooo! by Lyn Gill
3. Trapped Within, by Marcia Moritz
4. In Flight, by Mary Ann Staples
5. Tourist 51, by Bob Towson

Pensacola Artist’s Award for Creativity:

What I’d and What Isn’t, by Amber Sidney


Fair Workers Awards:

1. Table 49, by Leland Leonard
2. Three Amigos Sandpipers, by Fuller Brown

People’s Choice Award

Release the Quacken, Jessica Saunders