Quayside Art Gallery


Kim Gignac grew up in Oviedo, Florida, a suburb on the outskirts of Orlando. Her interest in pottery was first piqued in a ceramics class at Oviedo High School and she immediately loved getting behind the wheel or getting her hands dirty from hand building. She was amazed at the fun had and the art created from a shapeless lump of clay.
Kim now lives and creates pottery as a local in charming Pensacola, Florida. The sun-soaked beaches lined with seashells inspire a sense of tranquility that resonates within her designs. Being in the Gulf-side town allows her to connect with a thriving community of fellow artists while helping her expand the boundaries of skill and creativity. She is a member of Quayside Art Gallery in Pensacola.
Recently, she embarked on an exciting journey of learning sculpture, allowing the exploration of new dimensions and expressions. With each sculpture, Kim strives to improve, cherishing the ever-evolving nature of her artistic journey. Above all, she sincerely hopes that you find resonance in her art. Aspiring to connect through her creations, she invites the public to reflect, to be inspired, and to share in the passion that fuels her artistic endeavors. Together, we will forge a community united by art.