Heather Mitchell

Heather Mitchell


Artist’s Statement

In a world competing for visual stimulation with a busy variety of bold shapes, broad strokes and bright hues, I am often drawn rather to the elegant simplicity of pencil. The fine detail that can be achieved is mesmerizing. What the viewer perceives as familiar shapes and textures are formed from a fine network of lines, loops, cross hatches and dots.

My artistic life began after decades of quiet germination. As I have worked to develop my art, my life has also been enriched. I’ve been blessed by the act of creating, as well as by the people, animals, and events that have come my way as a result. It has been a great joy and growth experience to work with animals as my primary subject matter. Whether through commissions for portraits of dearly loved pets, or through exploring, photographing and drawing local wildlife, the close observation of animals and birds enlarges my understanding and appreciation of their nature.

Interacting with natural beings has made me more aware of their simple motivations, which are uncomplicated yet highly sophisticated. Being allowed to sit in quiet proximity to a wild creature, through a subtle negotiation and agreement of body language, is a sacred privilege that never ceases to thrill me. Through my artwork, I strive to portray with accuracy the facial expressions, folds of skin, and patterns of fur and feathering that comprise the beauty of that animal. I hope to bring the viewer into a more intimate view and greater connection with the animal, and through that animal, with themselves.