Bill Chambers

Artist’s Statement

I’ve spent a great deal of my life in nature. I diligently strive to capture the beauty of that nature in such a way as to arouse an emotional response from the viewer. I use photography as my means to accomplish this. The natural world is amazing; it motivates me, it inspires me, it soothes and restores my soul, it fulfills me physically, mentally, and spiritually. It’s so exciting to compose a scene containing some small slice of nature that many people may walk by without noticing and then present that image in a way that awakens people’s awareness of the beauty that surrounds them. That in itself makes the heat, the cold, the rain, and the bug bites all worthwhile.


For me, nature photography started simply to record my adventures and travels so I could revisit them for years to come. What began as an afterthought gradually evolved into a consuming passion.

I am very fortunate in that my dad was an avid outdoorsman, and he passed his love for the outdoors along to my brothers and me. I can vividly remember quail hunting with my dad when I was young, trudging along trying to keep up through thick cover on a freezing morning, and I still have great memories of bream fishing with my grandparents and enjoying with them that special time in late afternoon when everything grew still and quiet right before the crickets and frogs erupted into their beautiful night song.

Those days are gone forever now, but I can never thank my parents and grandparents enough for the gifts and experiences I had growing up. I can think of no better repayment than by passing those gifts along to my children and grandchildren, and by sharing the outdoors I love and cherish so much with others through nature photography. I shoot what pleases me, in a style that’s comfortable for me, and with great care to avoid damaging the nature I value so greatly.

Today, more than ever, it is so important that we all respect and cherish the land and the animals that live upon that land. I am a proud conservationist and environmentalist and I encourage you to become involved in those areas if you’re not already. If you are a fellow nature photographer I encourage you to join The League of Landscape Photographers and adhere to their Code of Ethics. If you’re not a fellow nature photographer, I encourage you to go out and enjoy nature in a State or National Park, in a wilderness area, or on a stream or river. Wherever you might go, please enjoy nature responsibly and remember, Leave No Trace.