Diane Goeller

Perhaps Diane says it best when she writes “Art is with me twenty-four hours a day. It is ubiquitous and powerful. Every subject can be taught using art with more fun for students.”

She has studied extensively under numerous nationally and internationally known artists including Alex Powers, Serge Hollerbach, Christopher Schink in Myrtle Beach , SC ; Doug Walton at Louisiana Tech University ; Tony VanHasslet and Judi Wagner in Tallahassee , FL. Diane continually perfects her skills through participation in workshops led by experts in diverse media and techniques.

Diane designed the book jacket of Faithful Servants for its author Martha Pope Trotter. She has won multiple awards including those given by the Pensacola Museum of Art, Pensacola Interstate Fair, Art Study Club and Louisiana Tech University .

She is co-owner of the company “Art on the Go” which represents 24 Pensacola artists.

e-mail: dgoeller@cox.net


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